Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chatsworth Garage Sale? Yes Please

I love waking up to good news!  This morning caroline Ing and joana lamas alerted me to the grandest of sales which I think we can all appreciate.  The current Duke and Duchess of Devonshire need to do a little spring cleaning (probably after all those recent renovations) and have commissioned Sotheby's to clean out their attic and auction off a good amount of the treasures they find in there.  This comes right after Georgiana's childhood home Althorp, had their auction.  You, yes you, can now own literally, a piece of Chatsworth.  I say literally because I saw a few door frames in there.  

You can view the lot on 1-4 of October this year and the sale begins after that from 5-7 October.  It even appears that there might be a few Georgiana-related goodies, especially since some of the items are rescued pieces from Devonshire House (Georgie's true haunt).  But for now I will take the tea set.

Sotheby's Upcoming Auctions

BBC News in Pictures: Chatsworth's "attic sale"

Mail Online (which has a lot about how the sale relates to Georgiana)

Matlock Mercury


  1. I saw this in the 'Standard' and thought of you.

  2. I hope that means you pictured me happily exited the house with a parade of servants holding shopping bags and boxes.

  3. Doesn't it make you just a little...sad?

  4. Simply extraordinary that they still have so many of these items from Georgiana's time. . It makes me really wish I had an extra $25,000 laying around :) Lauren, I understand what you mean about it being a little sad. . But I'm assuming the current D of D has thoroughly gone through the remaining artifacts & kept what he deemed most valuable..Hopefully!

  5. Is there an online website you can bid from?

  6. That is really sad. So many precious items going to random people; some may not even care about the history of the items.

    I pray the Duke has looked through the items carefully.

  7. One can only hope theres some major Georgie fangirls and boys out there with the money to put down on these things so we know it is going in good hands.

    @Anon, I doubt there is online bidding, you need someone to be there in person for events such as this.