Monday, March 15, 2010

A Newer Chatsworth

Georgiana's beautiful home, Chatsworth has been in the news frequently this week. It is reopening its doors for the 2010 season this month. But what is so fabulously wonderful about Chatsworth this season is that it has just undergone a huge face lift. This has been the biggest refurbishment of the house since Georgiana's son, Hart, decided to give the country estate some much needed attention about 200 years ago.

The facade of the house has gotten a good power wash so it should be sparkling clean for its new visitors. I also read on the Chatsworth blog that they reintroduced the dining room table that Hart picked out for the room during his improvements. In addition to the restoration of many rooms, two galleries dedicated to some famous duchesses will be opened. The first is to Deborah, the current Dowager Duchess. The second is to our favourite duchess. Unfortunately, I have attempted to contact Chatsworth to get more details about the new Georgiana Gallery, but to no avail. I will keep you posted if I do find out. In the meantime here are some of the recent Chatsworth articles I have found.


Daily Mail

Telegraph (an interesting article)

The Times


  1. Thanks for these! Time for a visit methinks!

  2. So very true, although I think it is much easier for you to get to!

  3. Yup, though at least if you went you could get inside! Darn steps...I think I'll have to invest in a Bath Chair =p

  4. What's really ironic about this post is that I just finished reading a biography of the Mitford sisters, the youngest of whom, Deborah, became the current Duchess of Devonshire, and so I've been hearing a lot about Chatsworth the last few days, the family treasures that were sacrificed to keep it, the renovations that had to be made (I believe it had been converted to a girl's school during the war) etc. It's kind of strange how this one house keep popping up in so many biographies I've read... I have a real hunger to see it now!