Monday, November 1, 2010

Art History Carnival

I must urge you all to Alberti's Window today for the November Art History Carnival.  There you will find a collection of art history-related posts from all over the blogisphere.  I submitted my post about Thomas Gainsborough's famous portrait of Georgiana which I was embarrassed to find was a topic that the gracious Carnival host already covered!  Despite my blunder the post is among a worthy collection of art history articles from bloggers, professional writers, and art lovers.  All you art lovers should grab your masks and join the carnival!

November Issue of the Art History Carnival hosted by Alberti's Window


  1. Thank you so much for this link. Such interesting reading today, on many sites, I'm not getting any work done! Katherine Louise

  2. P.S. I finished Cecilia last night. A strange ending -- what did Burney's contemporaries think of it? I loved Miss Beverley, but to me, the best characters were the minor ones--very vivid dialogue, varied characters, funny (and maddening!) and true to life. Did she influence Dickens, I wonder? What to read next? Perhaps I should finish The Gentleman's Daughter? Katherine Louise

  3. No reason at all for embarrassment--the two posts compliment each other!

    (Besides, I'm sure the Duchess would relish all the attention...)

  4. No need to feel embarassed, it is good to read more than one perspective on a subject & both were enjoyable reads.