Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hunk Alert: Sir William Napier

SWM, Baronet (eventually), Deputy-lieutenant, looking for a stay at home wife.
Likes: poetry, architecture, outdoor walks, and equestrian sporting

A man knows when it is time to put his bachelor ways aside and settle down.  I haven't many hobbies but I have set my sights on a few things.  The first being rebuilding the family home which burnt down, the second, finding a lady to share it with.

A handsome, well brought up woman is the type I am looking for.  An heiress would naturally be a wonderful choice.  Wouldn't it make you feel better your dowry was going into building your new home? Oh, I suppose you can help decorate it.


  1. Note to Sir William Napier from a Practical Young Female of the Haut Ton:

    Dear Sir,

    Wouldst that our children might have the misfortune of your short, stumpy legs, I would be too, too heart-broken for words, as the revolt across the channel has shown us the importance of being able to outrun one's enemies, especially as a member of the gentry. One appreciates your kind offer, but though your face is as handsome of any classical sculpture, the tautness of your waistcoat suggests that more of my dowry would go to sausages than to our home.



  2. He reminds me somewhat of David Morrissey, Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility 2008. Ruggedly handsome.

    BTW, Paul Miller's comment had me in stitches.

  3. Paul always has me in stitches! You are right, I do see some Col. B in him!

  4. ...The way he's holding the whip(?), it looks like he's trying to impale his hip...i'm just saying :)
    and lmao at Paul Miller's comment :)

  5. It looks like he's fidgeting with the whip, doesn't it? Unusual for paintings, not so much for snapshots of me at family gatherings.

  6. It's his nose, other wise he's not that bad looking. A little haughty perhaps but I like my men a little haughty.