Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Card Shopping for the 18th Century Enthusiast

I know we haven't reached the safe point for talking about Christmas yet, but it is still around the time when we start looking for those holiday cards we soon have to begin sending out.  I've been searching for some good 18th century-esque cards and I thought I'd share my findings with you. 

Zazzle has Allegory of December and Joyeux Noel cards for both colonial or French court fans
I've written about the wonderful Elizabeth Ocean before and she has released Christmas cards this year! Gingerbread and Candy canes.
I think this card is a bit over-priced but it's too gorgeous to not put up
Victorian and Albert Museum has this lovely winter silhouette scene card
Simple and elegant Damask cards
Colonial Williamsburg folk Christmas cards
CreationsbyTee has affordable and pretty Marie Antoinette Christmas cards

Have you seen any other good ones? If so let me know because I still haven't picked out my cards yet!



    these were mine last year! XD

  2. They're lovely cards but pricey!

  3. As if Xmas cards weren't pricey enough!

  4. Had to buy a set of those beautiful Nutcracker tags for my 16 year old daughter who is a total Francophile and thinks Marie Antoinette is divine...indeed a bit pricey!

  5. Ah, such lovelies! I'm just now discovering all the beautiful things found on etsy! I'm afraid for my pocketbook!