Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mrs Bennett Receives Word of Lydia's Elopement

Marguerite Gérard, Bad News, Date Unknown
"My poor nerves!"


  1. I love her paintings. Her subjects always wear the smoothest silk satins imaginable... *sigh*

  2. How perfect! I can totally see it as Mrs. Bennet, receiving comfort from an ever patient Jane, and disordering the entire household in her wake. As Mr. Bennet says: "This is a parade," cried he, "which does one good; it gives such an elegance to misfortune! Another day I will do the same; I will sit in my library, in my night cap and powdering gown, and give as much trouble as I can, -- or, perhaps, I may defer it till Kitty runs away."

  3. Or it could be a scene from Austen's "Love and Freindship."

    "We fainted alternately on the sofa."

  4. This makes me think of the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and all I can think of is Mrs. Bennet's shrill crying out "You have no compassion on my poor nerves!" with Mr Bennet replying, "On the contrary, they have been my old friends these twenty years at least."
    I love this blog, by the way.