Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did You Know?

Johan Zoffany, Charles Townley with His Friends in the Townley Library, 1781-3
When Zoffany painted the antique hoarder collector, Charles Townley in his library he wasn't exactly painting realistically.  True Townley's collection of impressive classical antiques was truly his own, but there was no way they all fit in his humble library!  Many of the marbles could be found in various rooms of his house.  Some were so big they couldn't possibly be brought to the upstairs library; Zoffany conveniently shrunk those to fit into the painting.  It's almost a relief all those priceless marbles weren't all in one place; no dogs or children would be allowed in my library if that were the case!


  1. nope, didn't know that. There are so many paintings that I always thought were realistic depictions and now I find out that much artistic license was taken.

    but I do love the painting. It must have taken him forever to paint all that art in one room.

  2. Interesting facts. Johan was my g.g.g.g.grandfather (Australian connection) so more information is always interesting!