Friday, April 15, 2011

Wouldst Thou Dance Wiv Me?

How many of you are familiar with Dizzee Rascal? No, no, he isn't fop or the subject of a George Stubbs painting. Dizzee is a rapper hailing from East London. Well known in the UK, but not so much in the Colonies, Lauren and I were introduced to Mr. Rascal via one of our shared favorite djs, Calvin Harris*. See for yourself:

Catchy, no? Well rumor has it that in working on his latest album, Dizzee has drawn inspiration from some interesting sources. "Dizzee hopes reading poetry will broaden his horizons and make him an even better rapper. He knows he has to push himself to make a great fifth album and reading accomplished poets can only help." Those "accomplished poets" that Dizzee has gotten close with happen to be John Keats, William Blake, Lord Byron and William Wordsworth. An interesting collection if you ask me; I thoroughly approve! I am very curious to see the effect of these fellow Englishmen on Dizzee.

Keats: Woman! when I behold thee flippant, vain,
Inconstant, childish, proud, and full of fancies;
Without that modest softening that enhances
The downcast eye, repentant of the pain
That its mild light creates to heal again -Woman When I Behold Thee
Blake: But most, through midnight streets I hear
How the youthful harlot's curse
Blasts the new-born infant's tear,
And blights with plagues the marriage hearse. -London
Byron: Fill the goblet again! for I never before
Felt the glow which now gladdens my heart to its core;
Let us drink ! --- who would not ? --- since, through life's varied round,
In the goblet alone no deception is found. -Fill the Goblet Again
Wordsworth: Heed not tho' none should call thee fair;
So, Mary, let it be
If nought in loveliness compare
With what thou art to me. -To Mary
Rascal: It's not a long ting, your the boom ting.
Maybe more than a hotel room ting.
I'll never know if I just walk past, I really wanna dance so I guess I'll just ask. -Dance Wiv Me

What I would love to see Dizzee do is a well-done adaption of the classic poetry, just like the psychobilly band, Tiger Army (another fav of mine) did with Poe's Annabel Lee.  He could totally bring back Byron's Fill the Goblet!

The Sun

*For a funny story, ask either of us about the time we met Mr Harris!


  1. I could not help but laugh. "The boom ting." "The hotel room ting." Tink I'll take a hike.

  2. So Vic which one are you? The boom ting or the hotel room ting? Lol

  3. Wow! I actually didn't know that!
    and a favourite band of mine actually did a whole album telling a story woth inspiration from the poem Annabel Lee and several horror films and books. The last song is actually titled Annabel Lee :)

  4. When as in silks, my Julia goes
    then THEN me thinks how sweetly flow
    that liquifaction of her clothes.

    Next when I cast mine eyes and see
    that brave fibration, each way free.
    Oh how that glittering taketh me.

    Sing Dat Dizzy Rascal.


  5. Can we submit our fav 18th cent poems for mr rascal's review? Could be inspiration overload!