Monday, June 20, 2011

As if You Needed Advertising Louboutin!

The Christian Louboutin Fall lookbook is out and boy, does it look fab!  This season Louboutin has recreated great paintings from history to display these most fabulous of shoes.  Honestly, though, didn't they know we'd be drooling over them as it is?

The nod to the 18th century features a Boucher-like image.  I can't believe they actually found a model with enough meat on her face!  The result is photoshopped, but lovely all the same.

More after the jump (one is NSFW)


  1. Gorgeous, especially the first one!
    I love it when modern fashion remembers the 18th century. ;)

  2. That first one isn't a painting? Gorgeous!

  3. I keep looking for the shoes in the 18th century ad, lol.

  4. Haha, I only wish there were shoes in it!

  5. Those were GORGEOUS! The lighting was incredible, more I say MORE!! Retro

  6. These are WONDERFUL. They are all based on paintings, I think - I spy Nattier's portrait of the Marquise d'Antin, a Bronzino (I think), de la Tour's Mary Magdalene, and lastly one of my favorite paintings at the Louvre by Marie-Guillemine Benoist.

    Sorry I am so late in posting this, I saved this link and completely forgot to look at it! Will be visiting your blog more in the future ;)