Monday, June 20, 2011

Mozart on View

Music aficionados who find themselves in New York City this summer will not want to miss the newest papers pulled out of the archives of The Morgan Library. 

In celebration of their Music Manuscripts Online, a project displaying the music manuscripts of some of the greatest composers, The Morgan is displaying two of their most valued manuscripts. 
The Mozart compositions were originally part of a music notebook belonging to his sister, Nannerl. On view are two pages; along a margin, Leopold, their father, teacher, and the transcriber, wrote "compositions by Wolfgangerl in the first 3 months of his 5th year of life." These are the earliest documented works by Mozart anywhere and an indication of the genius that would soon change music history.
How fabulous; rock star relics! 


  1. How wonderful! So jealous of all of you who get to see these!

  2. First the Met and now this! My NYC vacation is shaping up to be the best (and most historically nerdy) ever! Thanks for the insights into the "must sees."

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