Friday, September 9, 2011

Interior Scenes

Arthur Devis, Mr and Mrs Atherton,  c.1743
Arthur Davis, The John Bacon Family, c.1742-43
Johann Zoffany, Sir Lawrence Dundas and his Son, c. 1775
Johan Zoffany, Colonel Blair with his Family and an Indian Ayah, 1786
William Hogarth, The Cholmondely Family, 1732
Pehr Hillestrom, Gustavian Style Interior with Cardplayers, c. 1779
Pehr Hillestrom, Conversations at Drottningholms Palace, 1779
Niclas Lafrensen, Count Alexander Stroganov with his wife and Children , c. 1778
Arthur Devis, Sir Roger Newdigate in the Library at Arbury
William Hogarth, The Strode Family, 1738


  1. Very charming, lovely and really serene!

  2. beautiful! there are a few such interiors lifted wholesale into the Met in NYC which I love to stand in, these give me a nice visualization of their native inhabitants.

  3. Interesting choice by the Cholmondy family. Little terrors trashing the family library offset by cupids in the corner. It's always fun to speculate what the people were looking for when they had their families recorded for posterity.

  4. Extremely interesting and delightful! Thank you, Heather: I check your blog daily and I know there will always be something very interesting :)

  5. That reminds me there's a book about Zoffany coming out that I'm totally psyched about.

  6. My house actually resembles the Cholmondelys' place more than any other... our books aren't as well-organized, though.


  7. I was heartened to see how large those panes were in the two plates that showed windows. In our television show (, I thought one of our doors had too large a glass, but it seems a bit more reasonable now.

  8. These interior paintings always fascinate me: so much room, so little people! It really is about showing your identity through your wealth and place.

  9. The third from bottom is decidedly by Niclas Lafrensen, or Nicolas Lawreince as he was known in france, a swede who grew up in the same block as i. He's best known for his beautiful gouaches showing mainly interior scenes, he also did the famous one of an outdoor party at petit trianon. Lovely post as always!

  10. well if you want truly unbelievable stories of time gone past when art could not even hope to imitate life, what about the Artist Zoffany that painted two of these paintings - he was an intriguing man, suspected of not only bigamy but cannibalism, he was my husbands GGGGGGrandfather.....
    And what an ancestor to have, painter to kings, Queens and Duchesses, Emperors and yet....