Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Pompeu Batoni, Sir Sampson Gideon and an unidentified companion, 1767


  1. Ah offering snuff or is it snoose?
    Suppose the dog wants some? I wonder what all the classical references imply,anyone care to translate? Thanks.

  2. The Classical references are to show how Sir Sampson has achieved worldliness on his Grand Tour. Batoni made a killing painting English tourists at the end of the Grand Tour (which would end in Italy). In this case, he's showing off his lady-friend.

  3. Male dress is so fascinating before Beau Brummell popularized the 3 piece suit... look at all this lace! And the bright colors! Of course, all of this wonderful peacock-ery was still present in male dress even after the introduction of the 3 piece suit, just restricted to military uniforms.

    Also, great info about the grand tour paintings. There is a particularly thrilling one of James Boswell in Aileen Ribeiro's Eighteenth-Century Dress.