Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Upcoming Exhibition - Georgians: 18th-Century Dress for Polite Society

Bath's Fashion Museum has announced their exhibition for this year and luckily for us it's one in which they have, once again, dusted off their wonderful Georgian dress collection that has been hiding behind closed doors, to give it the proper attention it deserves.*  Georgians: 18th-Century Dress for Polite Society opens this Saturday and knowing this collection, it is sure to be a gorgeous display of eighteenth-century finery.
GEORGIANS will include over 30 original 18th century outfits and ensembles from the museum’s world-class collection, including gowns made of colourful and richly patterned woven silks, as well as embroidered coats and waistcoats worn by Georgian gentlemen of fashion.
 A highlight of the exhibition will be a trio of wide-skirted Court dresses dating from the 1750s and 1760s (held out by cane supports known as panniers, from the French word for baskets), the early years of the reign of King George III.

The Grand Finale of GEORGIANS will include 18th century-inspired fashions by five top fashion designers: Anna Sui, Meadham Kirchhoff, Vivienne Westwood, Stephen Jones, and AlexanderMcQueen. All are influenced by the 18th century aesthetic, and all (in different ways) show how the elegance and grace of Georgian dress continues to inspire fashion today.

All we need now is an excuse to get to Bath!  I'm devising mine right now.

*Fangirls and boys pressed up against the glass drooling over it.


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