Monday, May 19, 2008

Initial Barrage for The Duchess

I've been putting off voicing my initial opinions on The Duchess for a while because I'm afraid it will come out in the form of babbling...which may just happen! So be prepared.

First of all, I was ECSTATIC to find out they were making a movie based on Amanda Foreman's biography. When you read the book you wonder why it hasn't been made into a Hollywood-caliber movie because Georgiana's life was just so amazing and dramatic that it has box-office potential. I even tried to convince a friend to make it into a screen play, which didn't work. I already had in my mind who would be perfect for the role of the illustrious duchess, namely Kelly Reilly because she could get the Cavendish Drawl down and Rosamund Pike because she looks similar and is a good actor.

When I found out this summer that it was, in fact, going to be those two ladies' former costar, Keira Knightly I had mixed feelings. Knightly can act, yes, but personally I'm not too fond of her. Plus, Joe Wright (the director)* needs to stop casting her in EVERY movie he directs, it's unattractive. I'm afraid that since this is his third movie in a row with her as the lead it will finally be the movie that fails because the audience will want a little variety. Also, Keira is just wayyy too young to be able to portray the variety of emotions for the complex role. Not to mention Georgiana and Keira look nothing like each other (seriously the girl is boney and needs to eat in order to look remotely 18th century). I'm seriously worried about her ruining the portrayal. The good part of having her in the role is that it means the movie won't be tossed off as a B-movie, and will hopefully get the attention it deserves.

I'm gonna stop there for now and commence with production stills, huzah!

Well at least they charcoaled her eyebrows

Love that dress!! Oh wait, that's because it's an authentic Georgiana design

Filming in Bath

Link to some sniped images

*Since I wrote this in May 2008 I should note that at the time I was not aware that the director is actually Saul Dibb


  1. the movie is directed by Saul Dibb.
    i'm not a fan of Knightly either, these directors have got to use someone new. Her lips bother me!

  2. But she was given the title of "Best pout" in Australia! ;)

    Yes, I should have changed that! By now I know Joe Wright doesn't have anything to do with it but I was misinformed back in May when I wrote this. I need to get my sources straight!

  3. I watched The Duchess, and was disappointed in the fact the film seemed to take forever to get on with it's story telling, and Keira Knightley, was too skinny for the role. At the end of the flim i just felt cheated somehow. The only thing that seemed right was Ralph Fienes character. Oh well, it was a nice try anyway, i wish the costumes were more fanciful and lots of different colours and fabrics.