Friday, May 9, 2008

Review: The Lady and The Duke

In tribute to the tart of the week, here's a review about the only movie (that I know of) about her. The Lady and the Duke follows Grace Dalrymple's experience in the French Revolution and her friendship with the Duc d'Orleans. The unique aspect of the movie is in the sets which are watercolor paintings. It gives the paintings a classic feel but not as successfully due to the green-screen effect.

Pluses: I liked the costumes, I'll try to post some if I can find them. I also appreciated that the movie did not stray far from the truth.
Minuses: Every interaction with the Duke just about put me to sleep. He was not only boring but not much of an actor. Also, over-all Grace's experiences were of Hollywood caliber and excitement and there was only a Masterpiece Theater budget for this film.

Here's the trailer, thank you very much imdb, my internet necessity:


Robe a la Reine

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