Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Blues

I've been overdosed on weddings lately due to my friend, Katie's, recent engagement. Lauren and I threw an engagement party over the weekend for her which went really well. In between, we've been watching awful wedding shows (since we're bridesmaids who have no clue about this sort of thing) and gossiping throughout. Since a wedding is a perfect excuse to get an 18th century gown made, I'd like to propose to her that she post some of her top wedding dress suggestions. Seeing as I probably will never marry it's likely I'll just get one of these gowns made so I can prance around my apartment listening to string quartets. And yes this site is full of James St James references since he is straight out of the 18th century. My selections are as follows:

First of all, I need to advertise this amazing site for wedding dresses, It's a feast for the eyeballs.

Reynolds first portrait of her most divine Grace

Reynolds of the Countess of Harrington, 1775

Gainsborough, Mary, Lady Bate-Dudley, 1787

Vigee-Lebrun, Portrait of Madame Grand, 1783

Fragonard, The Progress of Love: Reverie, 1790-1791


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