Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Duchess Poster??

The lj group devoted to The Duchess just posted the new poster for the Duchess. I can't hold back on this one AWFUL. First of all I'm still upset over the lack of powder but that's not really important. From a design point of view it looks like they got a Freshman GD student to design it!!! The pictures of all the characters are just bad. They are shabbily pasted in and the colors are just off. Another thing that is off is the balance. Bleh yuck, bleh! I can't even tell what is going on with Grey in the back, he looks 14. The heavenly light is confusing...It's just all wrong! I feel like this fails in catching people's interest. The minimalism of the promotional poster was so much better compared to this! There's so much weird airbrushing on her dress it makes her look like a mannequin. You can't tell me that with Georgiana's awesome wardrobe this old fashioned frock is the best they could come up with?

Well those are my initial upset thoughts, what are yours?


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