Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mother Knows Best

"Play at whist, commerce, backgammon, trictrac or chess but never at quinze, lou, brag, faro, hazard or any games of chance, and if you are pressed to play always make the fashionable excuse of being tied up not to play at such and such a game."

Lady Spencer
May 8, 1775


  1. Not faro? I'll wager then that quoits is right out of the question. See, Madame, how you have removed all of my gaming pleasures!


  2. HA! well I have to say the advice is good....fashionable excuse and all. But what lady could resist faro anyway :o) Great post!

  3. Chess over faro?? I think not! Those games are just not tempting enough!

  4. I enjoy a good game of whist as well, especially when articles of clothing are involved.