Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mozart Moment

I've always had a crush on the idea of the Queen of the Night from Mozart's The Magic Flute. Evil queen seeking vengeance in hot 18th century finery...what's not to like?

Mythosidhe just put up this great post alerting me to the Magic Flute Diaries, which I now have to get my paws on. Her post also has a discovery about who the character is based on which I found so incredibly interesting.


  1. I'm glad you liked that :) I went back yesterday morning and changed the formatting so the post doesn't sprawl quite so badly :p

    Magic Flute Diaries isn't a great film by any means, but it is extremely ambitious and the director clearly has a great love of Mozart. And it is incredibly beautiful; some of the rendered backgrounds, especially the interiors, are fantastic.

    (P.S. ~ I've readjusted the settings on my LiveJournal so that it accepts comments from non-LJ members, so feel free to drop in with your two cents whenever you feel like it!)

  2. Oh rock on! I've attempted to leave you ones in the past (was absolutely freaking out about the Darcy book) and would actual write them just to be foiled, so this is good news.

  3. Sorry about that! There was some nonsense a couple of years back (involving doll collectors, who can stoop to amazing feats of pettiness on occasion), and I ended up with some person (or persons) leaving me harassing anonymous messages, so I just switched off that comment option. But it's been so long I doubt they're paying attention anymore ;P

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Darcy book! It was quite the hilarious catastrophe. I still haven't been able to work myself up to writing a review for it.

  4. Haha I just wanted you to buy it and review it before I did. And thank god you did!! I have enough to read!

  5. jennylafleur on LJ is currently working on a replica of the Queen of the Night costume, just thought you'd like to know...


  6. Yes I would!! Thanks for the tip, I'm on my way to look now!