Monday, August 11, 2008

The Whig-Tory Lovechild

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? I have, and as I am currently watching Equestrian, and a certain name has caught my attention. One of the UK's horsey-Olympians is William FOX-PITT. The two rival politicians have united to produce this guy. See any resemblance? I don't know if he can trace his family back to either Charles James Fox or William Pitt but I couldn't help but share this discovery.


  1. xDDDD That totally made my day. My not-so-hidden Pitt fangirl is squeeing. Since it's two days from my birthday, I thank you sincerely. <3

    He does look a bit like Pitt around the jaw, I guess? Pitt did ride everyday for his health.

  2. Argh. Brain flu there. I meant, since it's two days from my birthday, I thank you sincerely for the lovely Pitt post.

  3. Oh cool! I wonder if he is related in some strange way to both of them?