Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chatsworth: The State Drawing Room

After leaving the State Dining Room visitors enter the State Drawing Room. This is one of the smaller of the rooms and has a similar style to previous room with its wood paneling and carvings. However, this room contains a priceless tapestry based off of Raphael's cartoons, which are now housed in the V&A Museum. The tapestry itself dates back to 1635, the original tapestries that the cartoons were made for still hang in the Sistine Chapel.

The ceiling's mural is another Laguerre. In the corner, the adulterous Venus hides in the arms of her Lover, Mars while her husband, Vulcan discovers them from behind the red curtain. You cannot see it in my unfortunate photo, but in the main frame of the mural, Mercury is pointing to the hiding lovers so that everyone, including guests can discover them.

The chairs contained within are coronation chairs of King George III and Queen Charlotte, a gift to the 4th Duke.

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