Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

As you may have noticed from my other Halloween post, Halloween is my favourite Holiday so I would like to wish you fun and fancy and this night of ghouls, goblins and, of course, candy! In celebration, let's explore some creepy 18th century art by two of the best; the Spanish artist Fransico Goya and the Swiss-British Artist Henry Fuseli.

Fuseli, The Nightmare, 1781
Goya, The Dream of Reason Brings Forth Monsters, 1799

Fuseli, The Three Witches, 1783

Goya, The Witches' Sabbath, 1798

For more 18th century macabre works, be sure to check out The Tate's past exhibition, Gothic Nightmares. The Tate has been so kind as to have left a virtual tour of the exhibition on their site so you can view the works they had on view. You know I love it because it has many fun satirical pieces!


  1. Holy Toledo, one can look at every room in the Tate! Many thanks for the link.

  2. Don't you just love technology?In days of your one had to visit museums onsite. Now one can view exhibits from the comfort of one's armchair. Thank you for sharing. Vic

  3. I use to have a copy of The Witch's Sabbath in an art book as a child. It use to freak me out! Great post.

    Gotta thank you 2 for the wonderful link.