Saturday, January 24, 2009

News From Paris

Lady Clermont writes to Georgiana on the fashions in France,

"The heads are not so high nor as many feathers, that is to say many people are dress'd so, but the people the best dress'd are more modest than they were."

November 1775

Mary Lady Kent by Reynolds, 1777


  1. That's a gorgeous painting! Oh, to have lived in those days and worn beautiful dresses like that one!

  2. AHA! Thank you--what a perfect quote for my question :)


  3. I agree--it's a lovely painting. I especially like its warmth. (Not to mention the more "modest" head ;) I've never seen this one. Did you find it at Olga's Gallery?

  4. Isn't it a gorgeous painting? I just love it. Talk about picking the right ensemble for a portrait!

    Meghan- I thought it was so ironic when Lauren brought your question to my attention because I had the book open to the page with this quote on it so I could post it!

    I believe that this painting was recently at auction and that is how I came upon it! I do love Olga's collection of Reynolds though!

  5. Polonaise, I looked at your profile and we seem to have a lot of similar interests. I like 1930s films too! Although I prefer "suspense" or "crime", in addition to anything with Cary Grant (naturally). Do you have a blog too? I'm not sure what you mean about the modest head though; I think she's still really pretty, although it's unusual that her hair is red. That's actually one of my favorite things about it though!

  6. I like the red hair too. It wasn't considered a thing of beauty at the time, but I can't agree. The "modest" head was a wisecrack based on Lady Clermont's comment. I know they came taller, but this is nothing to sneeze at.

    I don't have a blog myself. Too lazy, I guess, but I do follow a few old movie blogs. I also adore crime and suspense, especially the 30's--not to mention silly things like The Saint & Charlie Chan series.

    If I had a blog I would want it to be just like Heather's! (Aww....sniff, sniff.)