Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Would Georgie Do? Dilemmas with Debt

Recently, I have decided that enough is enough regarding my credit card debts! I'm sick to death of getting telephone offers to help me consolidate my debts and I'm sicker still knowing that the four foot peacock feathers I bought last year on my Visa have accumulated so much interest one might bankrupt the crown to pay it off! What's more I know how much this stresses out my boyfriend. What would dr, dr Georgiana do?

Duke of Declined

How odious credit card bills are! They always stand in the way of fun. Perhaps Georgiana wouldn't be the best person to ask for credit advice, considering her debts amounted to about £3 million in today's terms. Actually, I believe she would ask her mother, who was overflowing with well-meant advice. "Pray take care if you play to carry money in your pocket as much as you care to lose and never go beyond it," meaning you should stick to debit cards as much as you possibly can. Perhaps your dear mother could help you a bit with that Visa bill until you're back on your feet again; after all, mothers don't charge interest: "I would pay Townshend instantly for you if I had the money..." As to those annoying consolidation calls: "I pray to God that it may stop here and that neither you nor I may suffer any more from it."

Oh and whatever you do, don't tell your boyfriend! Even if Lady Spencer might beg to differ, "I hoped the Duke knew the whole of what you had lost and that it was all settled[!]"

I'm no advice columnist, and I know Georgiana can't be channeled through me, but if you have a fun question you'd like to submit to What Would Georgie Do? please email it to with "What Would Georgie Do?" in the subject line. Or if you have a question better intended for the Queen of France, email


  1. Oh boy, the D. of Declined must really be in financial trouble if he has to ask Georgiana for advise! But then again, no one knows more about the difficulties of being in debt than she did!

  2. Dearest Lady,

    I have nominated your excellent blog for the Excessively Diverted blog award.

    Please drop by at your convenience to claim it.