Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back, and with Plenty of Gossip

I just arrived back home last night from a fabulous time in London. As usual, there was too much to do; we did so much but not enough. Now I'm back to the daunting task of catching up in the blogging world. There are so many things I can't wait to tell you about and I wish I could blurt them all out now but that wouldn't make for much of a read so hopefully they will be up soon.

For now I will leave you with this. This building, by my calculations (I was extremely jet-lagged when I took this picture) is what has replaced Devonshire House. Its facade is where the imposing brick wall entrance would have been, with the house sitting further back on the block. If Devonshire House was still here today perhaps the Green Park Tube stop may have been called Devonshire House!


  1. Welcome back! I can't wait to hear your adventures and gossip.
    So sad about Devonshire House and all the others that were torn down in the early 20th century, but as Tube stations go Devonshire House sounds a lot classier than Cockfosters. (But not nearly as entertaining.)

    Looking forward to all the news! I'm sure that extra suitcase got a workout.

  2. Oh, so glad you're back!! Can't wait to read your wonderful posts:)

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  4. How interesting! What a pity that it isn't still there today...


  5. Goodness, I was there last year staying in a hotel on Half Moon Street, and it doesn't look like the renovation on that building has gone forward at all.