Thursday, June 18, 2009

How-To's for the Modern Tart

These are books that aren't entirely topical, but I couldn't resist posting them, because they just look so good! The first is one I've been dying to get my hands on ever since Eliza Ward recommended it, How to Live Like a Lady. This is a book on modern etiquette and how to be an all-around classy tart.

The other book foils it; in that it is less of an instructional guide on class and more of a confirmation of your fabulous potential. It is also by a notorious tart who also just happens to be a pig. The Diva Code: Miss Piggy on Life, Love, and the 10,000 Idiotic Things Men Frogs Do was sitting on a shelf at Target just calling to me. If there's one person to dish advice to the ambitious and posh ladies of today, Miss Piggy is that person pig for the job!


  1. What is that picture of Miss Piggy from? I don't remember any 18th century muppet movies. Unless it was a sketch from The Muppet Show?

  2. I'm not sure, but I suspect The Muppet Show since I also can't recall it from any feature film

  3. Hah, that picture is cute! The book sounds funny too!