Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Arthur Day!

I hope you have your pints ready because, as I wrote before, it's Arthur Guinness Day. It is officially the 250th anniversary of our favourite beer!

It's very easy to celebrate, all you need is a glass of Guinness and some friends to toast with. At 17.59 GMT (5:59pm) the world will raise their glasses for this universal toast. So set your alarms! Mine will be going off at 12:59, hopefully the boss won't mind.


  1. It's a good thing today's my day off, hehe. And no halfs, gotta have some standards ;)

  2. Well, I had nary a pint nor a half-pint when I was in Dublin in June, so I won't break my perfect record of not trying Guinness again (once when I was 21 was enough, thank you), but I will have a glass of pinot grigio this evening to mark the day. :)