Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad 18th Century Costume Halloween Countdown

There is a mere 11 days left until Halloween, leaving you enough time to pick up a campy costume at your local shop. Let's look at some of our options.

This little number here is brought to you by HussyStore, which meets all your hussy needs. If your hussy needs mean you want to look like you pulled a Scarlet O'Hara and made the best out of your dear Greek grandmother's curtain remnants, then consider your costume search over. Many a gorgeous and slender lady at the Halloween party will gasp upon the discovery that the "Velvet Antoinette" costume they so yearned to find now graces you. "But, I thought it didn't exist!" they will say. Oh but it does, and you can get it at HussyStore!

[Disclaimer: If you have one of these costumes in your closet, never fear, Halloween is all about campy fun and so is this countdown. You better work that costume on 31 October as if it's Gucci!]


  1. One of many plainly sh--ty costumes that will be out there. Nothing more pathetic to me than the woman who can't resist being slutty for Hallowe'en. "Look! I'm a sexy kitten!" Yeah. Got it. Black leotard, stockings, heels and kitty ears. You really knocked yourself out. Now why don't you grow a pair and leave off sex appeal for something less appalling on Hallowe'en, like a headless goblin with bloody stumps for hands?

  2. I think I will go as as a portuguese nun...

    ...after all I was raised to became a monk...

  3. YES Heather they do rush orders! We are saved!

    @Paul Miller thank goodness you do not live in Londontown!

    @Fabulastic good choice!

  4. @Lauren: Madam, your meaning is not plain to me. What are you getting at, pray tell?
    Okay, I'm practicing for my Mr. Darcy night at a Storybook Ball this Friday. I think I really knocked myself out on the costume - and on the super cheap, too - so I'll send Heather a picture if possible and, if it is judged a success, a few tips on how I did it for under thirty bucks.

  5. Hussy store? Hahahahah! How appropriate that they are selling this outfit! I'm Dutch, so my inclinations is to wear a Dutch girl ensemble with klompen

  6. >>
    I have used curtain fabric and a *whisper it* zip in the jacket/caraco part of my costume, but the petticoats will be constructed authentically.
    It's also a trial run to practice hand sewing and 18th construction techniques (obv. not the zip though)

  7. Hello. I'm a sucker for history and pigs too. he he. I have a blog on pigs. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. :)

    The "Hussy Store" made me laugh out loud. I don't know why I find it so amusing, probably because it is so blatent, instead of "Sexy Costumes" or something slightly more demure.

    Keep up the fabulous work Lauren.


  8. @Paul, I was thinking the same thing as Lauren. You would not be too find of "fancy dress" nights in England. Picture this: enjoying a pint in your local pub, then two ladies walk in in skimpy...oh, lets say, skimpy batman and robin costumes. These ladies could be at any level of attractiveness, from 0-10.
    Oh...and you as Mr. Darcy...yes, we will need pictures.

    @Vic, did I answer your prayers by introducing you to the store? Lol. All those years of hoping have finally come to an end!

    @Rosel, Waste not want not! Do you think it will come out as good as above? (Kidding!)

  9. @Paul Miller Mr Darcy for under 30! I like this idea... do send Heather a picture!

  10. It's Heather over here, but thank you just the same :)

  11. @Lauren: I first read your response as 'Mr. Darcy was under 30!' and thought you were suggesting I was too old for the part. Ha, ha. Perhaps I should go as Mr. Overly-Sensitive. Reading Sense and Sensibility now for the first time and finding it amusing that Colonel Brandon is my age, thirty-five, and considered old.
    @ Lauren and Heather: I will cut Brit girls a little slack, since the island did bring us the ravishing Miss Emma Peel and it doesn't get much sexier. I just think it might be better to dress like a strumpet everyday and dress more ghoulishly for Hallow's Eve.

  12. I'm dressing as Marie Antoinette for my birthday but I won't be wearing that little number.

  13. Fancy Dress nights will always be one of the many charms England holds in my eyes.

    Oh and Paul, if you like ghoulish, you should check out Julie's costume which she left a link to on the Halloween costume post!

  14. strumpet? did someone say strumpet?now you are all stealing my idea! (it is not going well, having discovered that the size of bodice i cut from the fabric i was saving for this occasion, is not the size i now am. (loud audible sigh) gravity is a crime against femininity. as for hussies - well, we all know what happens to them!

  15. That's what wonder-bras are for! Or stays, of course!

  16. Oh. Wow. I feel extremely embarrassed. Sorry Heather! There's not much to say except that I'm really embarrassed!(again).

    Here is my blog if you want to read it. (I hope I'm not spamming you) :)


  17. I used to have a collection of vintage snaps of people in the teens and twenties dressed up for costume parties, in all kinds of home made get ups, like covered with leaves, or draped in school pennants. Sounds bad but actually very charming.

    I wish costume parties all year round would make a comeback