Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ladies Fashion of 1780s

The 1780s saw an extreme change in high fashion for the ladies. The 1770s was marked with high hair towers and robe a la francaises. A dramatic change followed, with clothing veering toward leisure and comfort. Hair finally became so high the only new thing to do with it was to grow it out horizontally in loose curls. Women dismissed their panniers and opted for the false rump, the predecessor to the bustle.

Now instead of emphasizing hips, clothing was all about T&A. The robe a l'anglaise and redingotes were the daydresses of choice. Underneath the skirts were false rumps which would be made out of cork so they could be lightweight but firm enough to hold shape. In 1783 both Georgiana and Harriet were pregnant and experimenting with fashion. They conceived having not only false fronts but false stomachs which disguised pregnancies. The trend caught on, much to the shock of satirical artists. Chests were also emphasized with pads and a multi-layered fichu called a 'buffon.' Although the robe a la francaise was still worn for formal events this 'more natural' was the outfit of choice for the day and a favourite of Georgiana.


  1. Haha! Ice-T's wife? Yeah I can see that

  2. That drawing is disturbing. At first glance it looks like the 'ass' is a stump of a leg that she is kicking outward. Either way, I guess the monstrosities of fashion WOULD look strange if the body was shaped the way the garment suggested.

  3. Fun Fact: It was a favourite of Horace Walpole and Lady Ossory

  4. can you just imagine all those wasted man hours in those days?
    a guy could spend ages ogling a shapely rump only for it to be an old lump of cork!

    1. dude but what about the chick spending hours to look like that man like so many more hours were probably wasted in the chicks time