Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your New Year's Ball

New Year's Eve is right around the corner! Have you planned your party yet? I'd like to think that a great model for a party would be this scene from Marie Antoinette.If you're not whirling around in a grand fashion, making out with complete strangers, you may as well stayed home and watched the ball drop. I know it's setting the bar high, but we are lovers of the eighteenth century, and I wouldn't expect anything less from you!

I found a bunch of appropriate and cheap decor via Oriental Trading (just pretend it's from the real silk trail). Dress all the cheap-y decorations up with candles, plumes, glitter, fake pearls, and any other eighteenth century things you have lying around the house. Don't be afraid to leave a pearl necklace in the middle of the table, "oh! did I leave this there, where is my head!" Remember: Spangles, spangles, spangles!

Not that you need any incentive, but drinking games are a classic part of a party. I suggest making them up as you go along, or creating one out of my favourite French Revolution game, Guillotine. You could even have penalties, such as making the ladies show their legs! Think of the scandal that would cause! If that's not your thing, set up a whilst or faro table in a separate room for some varied entertainment for your guests.

Make sure the champagne is flowing. Buy some cheap pink champagne and throw it in a punch bowl with frozen strawberries and you now have the perfect punch. Just make sure you have a designated chaise driver, the Watch will be out on the roadways looking for straggling ball-goers!

Is anyone here planning an 18th century themed party? If not, is anyone planning on having an 18th century-esque good time?


  1. We are doing a 1795ish party. We are going for crepes at a local restaurant, strolling down a famous lane lighted with Christmas lights, and then heading to a friends house for champange. All of this will be in costume, of course :-)

  2. What a dress Norma was wearing. And was that supposed to be Axel?

  3. That was actually the very effeminate Duc d'Orleans

  4. No chance of that on the day unfortunately as we have the great-aunts and uncles over...the closest we'll get to whist is go fish or sevens! But on Sat I have like-minded cousins coming over! Hmmm... =)

  5. «Buy some cheap pink champagne»????

    I am deeply disappointed with you Heater!

    Only the very best for you my dear Baroness!!!!!

    Maybe I have to send you some bottles of Couvet Louise!

    HAPPY 2010 MY DEAR! I am off to Madrid now...

  6. Madrid! Oh take me with you!

    The cheap champagne is only for the punch, I will probably be drinking something more likethis! which has a high alcohol content

  7. I wish I was going to a ball! I plan on having an official Marie Anotinette ball with all the bells and whistles the month I pay off my mortgage! Where do you get your costumes?

  8. Lauren, that sounds fantastic.

    As for my own New Year's plans, they were fairly simple, but enjoyable. They involved making/cooking various hors d'ouvres and playing Taboo for the first time.