Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Death of Reynolds

Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of one of England's greatest artists who graces this site regularly, Joshua Reynolds. To commemorate the anniversary of Reynolds' 1792 death The Times ran an interesting article about his funeral. Would you believe it created some controversy? Well, that's how it goes when you are famous I suppose!

Death of Sir Joshua Reynolds


  1. aww my drear greatx5 grandfather uncle... he was really great~~` T___T

  2. The link to the Times piece goes to an IMDB film trailer.

  3. I can't find the Times article; may I offer this charming item instead?:

    ‘February 23rd: Died: . . Sir Joshua Reynolds, painter, 1792, Leicester-square; . .

    . . The remains of the illustrious painter, after lying in state in the great room of the Royal Academy at Somerset House, were interred, with much. ceremony, in St. Paul's Cathedral, in a grave in the south aisle of the crypt; in the nave above is a marble portrait-statue of England's finest painter, Reynolds, by her best sculptor, Flaxman.

    At the close of the funeral, Mr. Burke, who was one of Sir Joshua's executors, attempted to thank the members of the Royal Academy for the respect shown to the remains of their late President; but the orator's feelings could only find vent in tears—he could not utter a word. A memorial print, engraved by Bartolozzi, was presented to each of the gentlemen attending the funeral.

    'Sir Joshua Reynolds,' says Burke, 'was on very many accounts one of the most memorable men of his time. He was the first Englishman who added the praise of the elegant arts to the other glories of his country. In taste, in grace, in facility, in happy invention, in the richness and harmony of colouring, he was equal to the greatest inventors of the renowned ages.

    He had too much merit not to excite some jealousy, too much innocence to provoke any enmity. The loss of no man of his time can be felt with more sincere, general, and unmixed sorrow . . ‘

  4. Thank you for letting me know, I amended the random link!