Monday, February 1, 2010


Benjamin West, Queen Charlotte, 1779


  1. Well, if this is a yay or nay, I'd have to say, the dress is gorgeous! But from the neck up, the whole head's got to go.

    And that thing around her neck? Reminds me of a ghost story that was circulating when I was a kid back in the middle ages about the guy who had a girlfriend who always wore a ribbon around her neck. One day, he took it off her and her head fell in her lap.

    Sorry, I'm punchy tonight.

  2. @nightsmusic I remember that story!

    Well, she's no great beauty, I suppose. I do think she looks very elegant and regal, nonetheless.

  3. I am just in love with West's perspective He has a great eye for it, and uses the colors to the best advantage. Plus, including the family the background is such a nice touch. But I can't start listing all the reason I enjoy it now because then I will never shut up!

  4. I didn't know of this one before you posted it. Thank you!

    This is the nicest painting of Queen Charlotte I've ever seen.

  5. I love this painting! I don't think Queen Charlotte was a traditional beauty, but her face had a lot of presence. I've always suspected I would have liked her as a person.

    I'm totally drooling over the front bodice treatment of the gown. I'd forgotten how pretty it was, and now I'm feeling inspired to add that exact trim to my latest 1770s dress.

    Heather, you have good taste!

  6. I loveeee this painting!
    It gives me butterflies when I look at it.
    I can only wonder how it would have felt to be a mother of 15.
    Hmm... Maybe I should ask the Duggar lady.

  7. Ha!! If only there was a prince of wales Dugger to stir things up...

  8. 15 children! And I was just going to post - are those some of her 500 children in the background?
    great dress, and the hair is good too.

  9. What a lovely portrait!! I'd love to see it in person, I have a feeling it's really incredible. Do you know where it's housed?

    P.S. I started a brand new fashion history based blog and I'd love if you would check it out!