Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Facts

What the heck is on Sir John Fielding's head? Just as many blind people have worn sunglasses to signal their handicap, Fielding did so with a black band around his forehead. Fielding was blinded at the age of 19 in a navy accident but that didn't stop him from being a successful magistrate. Rumor had it Fielding knew the voices of 3,000 criminals. I remain a little skeptical of the last fact though!


  1. The black of that band almost looks like a recent addition to the painting, it stands out so much.

    And thank you for the introduction to Fielding. I think I'll be buying the channel4 series since we can't get it in the US.

  2. nightmusic, channel4 series can you tell me more about it?
    Thank you

  3. Heather, thank you:)

  4. ‘ . . He had poor eyesight and was blinded in 1740 by what he called ‘an accident’ (J. Fielding, The Universal Mentor, 1768, iii), but which was, in fact, negligent treatment by James Wilkie, a surgeon, against whom damages of £500 were awarded in 1741 . . ‘ [DNB]