Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gainsborough Ink

I see a lot of awful tattoos, or perhaps tattoos in awful places. But then you see some amazing tattoos where you have to give credit to the artist's ability and the owner's fine taste.

I really love the rare spectacle of when someone decides they love a painting so much that they have it recreated in the form of a tattoo. I've seen Botticelli tats, Warhol tats, Kahlo tats, lots of Dalis but I want some Gainsborough tats! Sadly, I think Mr. Gainsborough does not appeal to the normal tattooed crowd. I've looked and the only 18th century-related tattoos I could find were related to Marie Antoinette, and sadly not her portrait. This young lady got this beautiful sleeve done, inspired by Marie Antoinette, but sadly once again, not a portrait.

So I am putting a call out there: who has an 18th century-inspired tattoo? I would love to see some pictures if there is anyone who happens to have this rarity in the tattoo world. Let us see!


  1. As tats go, this is quite elegant. But I'd hate to have to spend the rest of my life wondering about that peculiar capitalization...*g*

  2. Just a question, because I've worked in a hospital and have seen tattoos on 60 yr- and 70 year-old skins, which are NOT pretty. The ink travels and fades. Skin wrinkles. Tattoos get hazy and, worse, OUTDATED. What's current in 2010 is out in 2015, and there you are: Stuck.

    Old tattoos convinced me to say NO to this fad. If you still want a tattoo, go to a nursing home first, folks, and do first-hand research. Then tell make your decision.

    Thanks for the soap box, Heather.

  3. Having ranted and raved and not really asked my question, here is a link to a Marie Antoinette tattoo design

  4. @Susan, I have a friend who has a wording tattoo and one of them is "Faith" but to me it looks like "Gaith"

    @Vic, I had no idea you were so passionate on this issue! So you don't have "Jane Austen" tattooed across your back in old english font?

  5. Psst Vic, that's why you can have them laser-ed off.

  6. Only problem with the "Let them eat cake!" tattoo is that Marie Antoinette never actually said it. Nice thought, though!
    P.S. Anonymous, I love you. Hahaha! :D