Friday, May 7, 2010

The Gossip Guides Second Blogiversary!

Huzzah! Would you believe it's been two years now since Lauren and I have been filling your ears with gossip? I'll be expecting all your cotton and straw gifts by my door tomorrow. Just kidding! You can nix the straw gift, cotton will be just fine!

Oh I know, I should be giving the gifts out. After all, I am more than appreciative of all the wonderful people who have strolled through here whether they are just passing through, or leaving their comments daily! Thank you so very much to all of you! Without you, I would be gossiping to myself, and that isn't nearly as fun. As a small token of my appreciation, let's have a giveaway!

There are two books up for grabs.
Book the first: The Sylph by our patron duchess, Georgiana Devonshire and foreword by some gossipy old spinster.
Book the second: Wedlock by Wendy Moore which tells the amazing story of Mary Eleanor Bowes.

What You need to do.
Leave a comment telling us what you like most about the 18th century and stating which book you would like to win.
Winners will be drawn at random for each book and announced a week from now, next Friday.

The blogiversary celebration continues over at Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide where Lauren also has a fab giveaway going on. Good luck!


  1. I've always been meaning to read The Sylph . . . .

    What do I love best about the 18th century? The literature, first of all--what an age for satire!--and the portraiture.

  2. Why, it's the fashions and hair styles, of course!

    As I'm reading The Sylph now for reading group, I'd like to win Wedlock if my name is selected.

    Congratulaions on your second year. Well done.

  3. Congrats to you both for entertaining us so eloquently for 2 years. The 18th-century never looked so good.

  4. Congratulations for your second anniversary :) I've been hooked on this site since I discovered it ^^

    I have a question : can everyone participate in the giveaway, or just people living in particular countries (some blogs have book giveaways only for people living in the US and Canada). Thanks :)

  5. Thank you everyone!

    Camille, I will ship to Europe too!

  6. Congrats on two years! I don't comment often but I have been following this blog for some time. My favorite things were the fashion and the philosophy - the age of enlightenment (in particular Rousseau and Voltaire).

    Thank you for the giveaway ! I'd love to be entered in for The Sylph.

  7. Congratulations Heather and all the best.

    Here's my reason why I love the 18th Century:

    keep going, we all love your blog.

  8. First of all I want to congratulate you! I haven't been here from the start, but I'm looking forward to many more years of gossip! ;D

    I'll just go ahead and write what I wrote on Lauren's post:

    I know it's probably what most will say - but I've always loved the fashion! Ever since I was like 10 I've adored the fashion of the 18th century - but not only the fashion of the higher society. I often find myself admiring the dress of ordinary women in paintings. Clothing has a curious effect on me, it always makes me wonder and fantasize about what life was like for those who wore them and I imagine myself in their shoes. I love it!

    And I'd love to win The Sylph! ^^

  9. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for all the dishing, titters and giggles. And the rancid gowns and the rancid tarts and the faulous gowns and the fabulous tarts.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and all the great snippets of eighteenth century elegance you send my way. Inspiring :)

    Wedlock is a great book by the way. I've recently finished it and loved it!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope you celebrate many more.

    What I like best about the 18th century is the politics and seeing how the government of the United States was formed and how differently the European countries and people reacted to the shift from monarchy to democracy. Fascinating! The Age of Revolutions and all that.

  12. A copy of the Sylph would be phenomenal!

    Of course my favorite part of the 18th century is the fashion- be it in dress or furnishings. The artwork of this time period is also my favorite :)

    Congratulations on two years! You have me thoroughly addicted!

  13. Bon anniversaire, mesdames. . .
    I think the most facinating thing about the 18th century overall is how fashions and modes really came to have political and historical influence. I use that as an argument, so that I don't sound too shallow when I say that I love it!

  14. Well, I'm extremely fond of the clothes, but I think my favorite thing about the 18th Century is Mozart, especially the Piano Concerto #20 in d minor, K. 466

  15. Oh, I forgot to say that I wanted Wedlock.

  16. Congratultions on your 2nd Bloggiversary. I love reading and writing about all the remarkable women in the 18th century.

  17. First of all, bon anniversaire, ma chère! I believe I have been here (almost?) since the beginning, and your entries, as well as those of your sister in gossip, never fail to educate and entertain. Keep it up ^_^

    As for what I like most about the 18th century--really, I have to pick one thing? Weeeelllll, I'm going to be a big cheat and say the ART, which easily encompasses all the things I adore from this period: fashion & textiles, painting, literature, decor, music! (very important), the theatre of course....need I go on?

    I would like the copy of Wedlock if you please, since The Sylph is glaring reproachfully at me from across the desk as I write this (Mr. Grenville will have to wait for my attention until after I have attended to some much needed retail therapy ~_^).

  18. Yes I love the clothes but the manners or rather 'etiquette' I find particularly intriguing! I visited Chatsworth last August and my favourite part was the room with the costumes - it took my breath away. I wanted to linger but the Duke insisted we move on as the hour was getting late...
    I would love to win The Sylph.
    Thank you for sharing - I will be back!

  19. I would love to read "The Slyph"...I just purchased the illustrated book "Georgiana's World"'s wonderful!

    The best thing about the 18th century is all the beautiful and romantic clothing and letter writing and the way they expressed themselves. I can't imagine what personal records we'll have of this generation and those to come who rely on texting, cell phones and the internet to communicate.

    Having said that...I do love your site!

  20. I would love to read The Sylph

    I love the fashion--I am currently making a ball gown for a re-enactment I am attending soon--and the satirical nature of so much of the literature.

  21. The love the fashion and the elegance of the time period. Everything seemed so stately and graceful.

    I would love to win the Sylph. I can't participate in your salon because my life is so crazy right now, but I would love to read Georgiana's book sometime in the future.

  22. Congrats on your bloggiversary! May you girls have many more! :)

    And I personally love the fashion of the times - though could never wear it! - and in particular, the robe a la polonaise.

  23. Felicitations to you both!
    For me, following your blog & updates comes with the extra added bonus of making me feel smarter. :)

    I'm a big fan of the fashion and literature of the era. If chosen, would prefer a copy of "Wedlock" because I'm reading "The Sylph" with the group!

    Thank you for keeping us entertained!

  24. Happy Anniversary! I've loved reading and learning from your blog. I love the fashions - the care and intricate work that went into making clothing is simply fascinating to me.

    If I am lucky enough to win, I would like Wedlock as I already have a copy of The Sylph. Thanks :)

  25. I love the fashion! I would love to win The Sylph. Thanks so much for the giveaway and happy blogiversary!

  26. hi congratulations!!!
    well waht i like the most is the little bio of some our favorits 18th century people, and i i olso love to read the quotes

  27. Well, it's hard to pinpoint a firm reason why I'm so attracted to the 18th century but, I offer this. With gunpowder and iron will, brave men set out all over the world bringing empire and glory to their nations. It was a time when men were real men and proved their metal in savage combat and were still gentlemanly enough to worry about what wig to wear to that evening's social. Philosopher's wrote about topics unheard of previously such as equal rights for all and a firm democratic system. All of these are reasons I am so drawn to the age of enlightenment as much of who we are today is directly determined by that turbulent period.

    Also, I'd love to read Wedlock if my name was selected.

  28. Congratulations to you and Lauren on your wonderful blog. I just happened to fall into them one day while surfing the web for something that had to do with the 18th century! Lol

    I’ve been checking up for new posts just about every day and I’ve been enlightened by the mass amount entertaining information. Not to mention all the famous hunks of the day.

    My love for the 18th century started when I was in grade school and I saw Amadeus for the first time. The clothes, the decorating, the architecture, the hair, the music…everything was just so pretty and extravagant.
    Now I find myself wanting to learn more about life during this time in general. Philosophy and politics and domestic life. Your blogs represent all aspects.

  29. by the way, who drew that picture of you and Lauren's personas? Its so adorable :)

  30. I love 18th C satire, and the naughtiness! I love the reinvention of the Gothic and the graveyard poets and the literary characters. I want to have coffee with Samuel Johnson.

    Oh, well, I love it all, and I'd love to read The Sylph.

  31. Has it been 2 years already?

    The fashion, the decor, and I think the wit is what I appreciate most about this era. "Ridicule" is one of my favorite movies. For this giveaway, I would choose The Sylph.

  32. I have just started following this blog and I love it! If I win, I would love to win "The Sylph." My favorite part of the 18th-century are the Whigs-- everything about them, from the Marquis of Cholmondelay having sex with a courtesan in a hot air balloon, to their ridiculous bets, to their awesome clothing, to their dislike of George III, to "children of the mists," to March of the Mind, to everything Georgiana. I also quite adore David Garrick and Drury Lane-- my masters thesis is on 18th century theatre! Love the blog!

  33. Félicitations, tous les deux! What you've given us all these last two years is amazing - thank you!

    Where shall I begin? The etiquette, the gallantry (yes - I'm romantic), the fashion, but most of all the truth of daily shows how little has changed!

  34. Congrats on your anniversary! The blog has become a daily obsession for me. I have both books. Just wanted to say congrats!

  35. I'm late, late, late, but Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad I found your blog. I've really enjoyed it here. :o)

  36. My favorite thing about the eighteenth century? Tobias Smollet and Tristram Shandy ,
    Rousseau's dog and Hume's hubris, Tom Jones and Fanny Hill, and of course, the Duchess of Devonshire.

    Happy Blogiversary,
    Rod McCaslin

  37. @Marquis Jacques, I drew it for last year's blogiversary!

  38. Oh, I'm not picky. I'll take either!

    What I like most about the 18th century? FASHION and STYLE! Let's face it, most average folks didn't have it so great, so I can't really say "lifestyle", but the styles and fashions were just beautiful and considerate. I'm a particular fan of embroidery and shoes...

  39. The 18th century is a time of great changes in the course of history. The arts showed one of their most beautiful faces of expression. Music experimented a revolution with master minds such as Mozart, Beethoven and Paganini. Eyes were opened with new discoveries in the Science area. The inevitable consequences of the acts of previous governments took place. Excess was displayed in the most extravagant manner through vanity. Fashion rulers such as Marie Antoinette and Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire experimented their golden age. Freedom, democracy, itself as we know it nowadays was born.

    Certainly this is a period of great importance in history. History itself exits so that the future generations may learn of Great Personalities of the past victories and mistakes. A legacy was inherited to humanity.

    I'm truly amazed by your beautiful blogs. They contain the essence of the 18th century itself, and are most accurate with historical facts.

    If this message has found grace in your eyes I would be much honored if I receive The Sylph.

  40. Congratulations with the 2 year anniversary!

    What I love about the 18th century might sound all too easy, but it really is why I'm fascinated with this period (and the 19th century as well): I love how there're so many changes during this period, bringing the whole society in a sort of split and push and pull competition between modernising and traditional opinions. The period is alien enough to be fascinating, and yet it is easy to recognise a lot of what we struggle with today. I have a hard time feeling the same towards history from before the 18th century, because it often feels too "strange" to me. In the same manner 20th century history often feels too similar.

    If I win I'd love a copy of the Sylph. I've wanted to read it for the longest time.

  41. Congratulations!! i'm so happy that I discovered your blog a few months has quite quickly become my favorite!!

    I honestly love everything about the eighteenth century. I fell in love with the period when I first visited Colonial Williamsburg in Fourth grade, and now, as a Junior in college, I am still in love with the period. Actually, I think it is the reason I am studying both history and art history. :-)

    I'd love to win The Sylph...sounds like such an interesting read!!

  42. The greatest thing about the 18th Century is the men!!! Yes I know, we have several men now, but 18th Century men are more scandalous. Hahaha!

  43. Congratulations for fabulous Year #2!

    If I were to win, I would like Wedlock.

    I don't know if I could pin down a favorite thing about the 18th century. The literature and fashion, of course, were fantastic, and I'm fascinated by the development of social change that led to revolutions small and large by the end of the century. Maybe I should also say the British Navy.

    (OK that was too much detail, sorry.)

  44. For me it would have to be the beautiful and enigmatic Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire-what fascinates me most about her is that outwardly she had all the poise and confidence and more of what a woman of her class should have had but inwardly she must've been quite insecure being as she accepted her husband's lover, Bess. Not only accepting her but cherishing and loving her as much as her cold husband did. I very often wonder what a life like hers might be like-leader of fashion, of the 'ton' and admired wherever she went-it would've been a lot to live up to. I think Georgiana, when you read about her, was a normal person just like the rest of us, despite the wealth-with problems just like we experience today. The fact that you can still relate to a period as far back as the 1700s fascinates me greatly.
    Love your blog
    Would love the sylph!

  45. Congratulations!

    I love a lot of the arts, the architecture, the literature, the music, and, obviously, the fashion, but what does it for me are the hairstyles.

    I would love to read both books, but I think I'd stay with Wedlock.

    Are you shipping to South America?

  46. Recently, I fell in love with the 18th Centery with the help of the movie The Duchess and the beginning part of the Pink Carnation series. My most instant attractions to this centery are the cloths, the art of letter writing, and most of all the conversation. I find their "wit" very interesting and stimulating.

    Both books sound very interesting. I am an Avid reader and always looking for a new book to disapear into. The 18th Centery is a wonderful place to get lost in and either one seems wonderful. I guess if I had to pick Sylph would be an excellent book to start with.

  47. What I love the most, is the clothing! Oh, how I wish we could get away with wearing things like that nowadays... don't get me wrong, I'm rather glad we don't have to wear it constantly! ;) I'm currently working on some 18th century costumes for myself and my husband for a picnic this fall. It's been so much fun!

    It was hard to choose, though, because well... they had great taste in decor and housing as well! ;)

    I would love to read The Sylph. Best wishes, and many more years!

  48. Congrats on 2 years!
    I'd definitely say that the clothes and hairdos are the best :D. I find the extravaganze very interesting!
    and I'd looove to read The Sylph! :)


  49. What I love most about the eighteenth century is undoubtedly..

    Raunchy catch penny prints and saucy street ballads never fail to amuse and entertain, particularly when there are Royals involved. For this reason, the errant and promiscuous offspring of George III will always have a very special place in my heart...

    If selected I would like to go for The Sylph, please...

  50. @Valentine, I will ship to South America if you win. (Sorry for my delay in responding)

  51. Happy 2nd Blogiversary Duchess! I'm sure Georgiana would be tickled to know that her story continues to be told :)