Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

May 1 marks May Day, a joyous celebration of spring, for Georgiana's Gossip Guide, though, May 1 marks the beginning of our month reading Georgiana's second novel, The Sylph. Ladies and Gentlemen start your reading!

Just a reminder, only discuss up to the chapters we are on in the group so as not to ruin the plot for anyone!

Once again here is our salon schedule. So you can begin leaving your comments/discussion beginning at midnight EST on these days.
  • May 3, Letters 1-8
  • May 6, Letter 9
  • May 10, Letters 10-14
  • May 14, Letters 15-23
  • May 17, Letters 24-30
  • May 20, Letters 31-35
  • May 24, Letters 36-45
  • May 27, Letters 46-53
  • May 31, Letters 54-61
As suggested by Amina, here is a Google calendar with the schedule on it if you would like to add it to your own calendar for a reminder; just click the botton below.

Happy Reading! See you in the salon on Monday!