Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Call to Court

I have been following His Highness, Prince Poppycock from afar (thank goodness for Youtube) but tonight is the night of his final performance on America's Got Talent.  You know it going to be good.  Brush off your silks and make sure you have your hairdresser booked so you can attend; America's Got Talent starts at 9 EST.


  1. I thought Pierce was mean to him tonight, though poor Prince Poppycock's performance was a bit flat and lacked his usual campy humor. I was rooting for him, but I suspect his career has been made by this show, which should be a consolation.

  2. Prince Poppycock is always over the top. That is what we love about him! What happened tonight? Not good enough for our macaroni. Still, I am rooting for him. Can't stand Little Jackie; she is so boring.
    I sure hope that Prince Poppycock makes it BIG...
    Pierce was mean to him. Poppycock was not that bad, just not what we are used to from. His Highness' vocal cords were still amazing.

  3. Sorry, I forgot the bloke's name. It is Piers?

  4. I agree, Vic, I get so caught up with the fanfare that it's easy to forget he established himself, which is the true victory!

    @The Duchess, I have a feeling that Poppycock had a connection to the song and that's why he chose it. It would have probably been better for the tour instead of the finale!