Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Wig-Maker is Back in Town

It's that time again! Now that it's October you might be like me and scrambling to pull together a fabulous ensemble for masquerade night.  For the past three years I have posted the good, the bad, and the ugly in 18th century costumes.  To bring in Halloween 2010, here is the good, or should I say absolutely amazing!

Antoinette's Atelier shop on Etsy has some of the best wigs I have seen not on a drag queen's head.  Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, "fit for a drag queen."  They are absolute show-stoppers.  The wigs are powdered, edgy, and made to order.  While browsing the shop you'll notice the classics such as the ship at sale and the pompadour. 

If you already spent your guineas on a wig for the big night, never fear, Antoinette's Atelier has other necessities such as shoes, stays, and art.  However, I think the wigs are the crown jewels of the shop.  Which is your favorite? I can't possibly decide!


  1. No.1. thumbs up

    No.2. Giving it careful thought.

  2. How about the others on the site? You might find one that just tickles your fancy!

  3. This range of head designs would have to tickle something, that's for sure. I'm dubious it would be delightful. However, beauty is in the eye......... and all that

  4. Oh, wow, Heather, I LOVE these! Don't know where/how/why I'd actually wear one, but they're still gorgeous. I know, it's a rococo sickness. Wonder if the IRS would consider one a deductible expense for us historically inclined folk?

  5. I almost impulse-bought these:

    But they don't have my size (Bank account sighs with relief).

  6. Oh my god!! I totally love the Rococo Powdered wig!! I would certainly wear that!