Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Gift I Could Use

Amadeus fans should recall the scene where a maid shows up on Mozart's doorstep as an anonymous "gift" from an "admirer."  Of course the gift-maid is really a spy sent by Mozart's rival.  But did you know gifting maids was not just something that occurred in fabulous movies?  Gifting servants, be it anonymously or not, was a way to show appreciation to a special someone by lending them a hand...although not your hand.

The idea of human gifting may seem a bit barbaric, but don't worry, maids weren't the only people being sent as gifts.  You could also gift a prostitute to a good friend.  Which begs the question of whether the old pizza-delivery trick was ever used.  What a delectable vengeance to gift a prossie to your enemies' house during a party!

1 comment:

  1. Huh...Gifing msids, never heard of that before and about gifting prostitutes? that's... err... interesting? lol