Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Sale: Shoes!

Anyone going to Bonhams today?

Up on the auction block today is Sir Frederick Richmond's embroidery collection.  The former chairman of Debenhams was a big fan of historical embroidery and had quite the extensive and impressive collection.  Just check out the fabulous pair of shoes from the 1720's which is expected to fetch a mere £1,000 – 2,000 (I know you all have that just lying around).  Two other lots of interest are stomachers, one from 1720 and another from the mid-eighteenth century.  Be sure to click on those links because the stomachers are just gorgeous!  I would have loved to rock either one if I was a genteel lady of the era. 

Bonhams to Sell Ex-Debenhams Chairman Sir Frederick Richmond's Extensive Needlework Collection


  1. For someone who does embroidery, I would LOVE to have these, but sadly the husband thinks buying 'old' shoes just because they have some fancy stitch work on them isn't such a good idea. He mentioned something about retirement, pfft.

  2. Retirement? Pshh...new plan: buy shoes, keep them until retirement and then auction them off then for retirement fund.

  3. I'm also amazed by the amount of work that would have been involved in creating shoes like that! Time consuming but oh so beautiful!