Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate's Bouquet: Very Georgian

Lauren and I have been suffering from post-royal wedding fantasy-land mode, otherwise known as "princess land," a state of mind totally alien to us.  Please send us your Get Well Soon cards.

While many (myself included) will be talking about the dress for days I will take this time to point bring some attention to the simple and tasteful bouquet the bride carried.  According to the Official Royal Wedding the flowers in the bouquet all have symbolic meaning:
Lily-of-the-valley – Return of happiness
Sweet William – Gallantry
Hyacinth – Constancy of love
Ivy: Fidelity; marriage; wedded love; friendship; affection
Myrtle: the emblem of marriage; love.

Augusta Reuss of Ebersdorf, 1775
Pshhh, symbolic meaning.  We all know why she carried Sweet William down the aisle!  Sweet William was a popular flower found in gardens in the 18th century, but that isn't the only historical significance buried in that bouquet:
The bouquet contains stems from a myrtle planted at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, by Queen Victoria in 1845, and a sprig from a plant grown from the myrtle used in The Queen’s wedding bouquet of 1947.

The tradition of carrying myrtle begun after Queen Victoria was given a nosegay containing myrtle by Prince Albert’s grandmother during a visit to Gotha in Germany [I am pretty sure this is Augusta Reuss of Ebersdorf who was also Victoria's grandmother]. In the same year, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Osborne House as a family retreat, and a sprig from the posy was planted against the terrace walls, where it continues to thrive today. 
 History romance coma! Isn't the whole thing just adorable?


  1. Fascinating! What a fun post. I haven't watched the wedding yet (I'm rushing to my TiVo after work!), but I'm glad to know that little historical connection.

  2. I'll find some historical connection in a big event somehow!

  3. excuse me while I go plant some myrtle in my garden

  4. Oh! It's all too much! I think I may faint! The myrtle story is like a cherry on top (I am totally serious--I had to work today, so I'm catching up with the pictures right now). I'm in love with all of it. My own wedding day has past nigh a year, and I didn't feel as swoony as I do right now (it was hot, and I was tired).

    The hats! Oh, the fabulous hats! I could go on forever.


  5. This is precious and perfect! Thanks for posting this historical treat:)

  6. @Anon, I know right? The garden shops will start selling out!

    @heidilea, Looks like you're infected with princess mode as well! Swoony is a good way to describe it.

    @Lucy, You're very welcome! I really can't think of anything other than the wedding right now, hence the post.

  7. it.

    This message was sent from Princess land. Where I still AM!

  8. I for one didn't really care too much about the royals or the wedding, but i just simply adored her dress. It was simply beautiful :)

  9. After resolving not to sit glued to the TV all yesterday with a bucket of popcorn - husband and I were glued to the TV all day with a bucket of popcorn! And what bliss it was - loved the dancing policeman making the crowd roar outside BP!

  10. Wow really interesting, me and my Mum were saying, while we were watching the wedding, that it was interesting how small her bouquet was compared to some royal bouquets! I was wondering if you would mind me posting a link to your article on my blog where I posted my thoughts on the wedding?

  11. I was able to watch the whole thing last night on REELZ. They replayed it twice.

    I absolutely adored her dress. It was elegant, simple, and just stunning! Very Grace Kelly (who I loved) and very much 'her'. She didn't give up her identity or the classic style she wears so well. That impressed me more than anything, I think, because so often, it's the pomp and circumstance that has to be catered to and she pulled her own style off beautifully!

    The bouquet, just lovely. As classy and understated as her overall look. And yes, every flower has a meaning. I carried ivory tea roses (for the purity of our love,) lily of the valley and baby's breath.

    And may I say, I so wish we still wore hats here.

  12. @Anita, sometime vows are meant to be broken...especially vows to not watch the royal wedding!

    @Rosemary, I don't mind at all :)

    @Nightmusic, Many are comparing the dress to Grace's but my first thought when seeing it was how similar it is to her new grandmother-in-law's wedding dress! It makes you wonder!

  13. I missed the curtsey! I saw the Queen nod and then the camera zoomed in on Kate going on down the aisle! I missed the dancing policement but did catch the religous cartwheeling on the sidewalk. Loved the hats! Hooray for Phillip Treacy. Wonder how much those cost?