Friday, April 1, 2011


I presume it is your lunch hour. In that case it is entirely suitable for you to spend 10 minutes of that eating and 10 minutes of it "letting loose" by watching videos on Youtube. Obviously the other 40 minutes will be devoted to work since no one actually needs that much lunch time.

I disapprove of this nonsense.

This is a video that I can highly recommend.

Now get back to work.



  1. Tell Mr. Pitt to take that stick out his a**! Lol and inform him I was campaigning with Georgiana on behalf of Mr. Fox and Mr. Gray lol

  2. As someone who has 10 bottles of hair product on the go at one time, I can't get past the grey, fuzzy dullness of their hair. And if that's a wig then I can't believe they would choose that look! Apart from that, Mr. Pitt is hot.

  3. He must have really had that hair style! After looking at all the Pitt satires yesterday I noticed all the ones that portrayed him from the back displayed him with a very distinct Snooki-poof hair style (which is endlessly amusing to me). The big hair seems very out of character for him...but maybe if I was stick thin like him, I would have big hair as well.