Monday, May 16, 2011

Setting Sail

I was thumbing through Tom and Lorenzo's photos from Bridal Week in Barcelona.  Ah lots of lace this season, big surprise...*gasp*...what's this!

Victorio and Lucchino opted to bring back the ship headress!  Both Georgiana and Marie Antoinette were known to have sported this most extravagant of poufs in their time.  I think it looks hot!  Perhaps I could walk down the aisle with one when the time comes; the ship in the hair look is the ultimate status symbol.

I am having trouble finding the whole collection but here are more pictures of it.  There are a lot of Jane Austen-esque empire gowns in the mix too!


  1. The boat actually looks rather pretty on her. The dress is pretty too; it isn't something I would wear (if I ever got married), but it's beautiful (cream on cool-toned skin with a dash of olive. I have but one word: EWWWWWWWWWWW).

    That boat of Marie Antoinette's head looks like it must hurt like you-know-what. I would have hated to wear that. Talk about a pain in the neck....literally (and one hideous migraine if you're me. I'd be saying, "Someone call my neurologist. I'm going to need those Bupivocaine shots tomorrow after all. I have to wear that blasted 10-pound boat on my head again! Oh, and a masseuse." Wait, I wouldn't have been able to live in the 18th century, not with my conditions. I'd have died by day two probably...nevermind.)

  2. The ship hat on the model actually looks light and airy as opposed to the French frigate. Thanks, Retro

  3. The boat looks great although it's not every bride that could pull that look off! And I do like the dress as well. I get excited when I see period styles in modern fashion!