Monday, August 22, 2011


After someone commented on how dirty her hand was after shaking it,
"What would you say if you saw my feet?"
-Mary Wortley Montague


  1. I have read that in the Louis XV court and Paris of that period they did not have toilets and bathrooms. So they threw everything out the window! Awful!
    To cover the nasty odeurs they put massive amounts of perfumes to cover the smell.
    Not so regal, isn't it?

  2. Well that would explain all the bowing and scraping and off handed (Hah!) bon mots.

  3. I was actually just reading about Versailles and it's bathrooms last night! It actually had many, but guests never used them, opting for the stairway instead. Ew.

  4. Can you imagine walking down the stairway and dragging your gown through that??? Icky

  5. These stories sound so bizarre I always wonder if they are the 18th century equivalent of urban legends.