Monday, January 30, 2012

Ob-sessed: Coiffure Products

Oh marketing gimmicks!  While looking for hairspray this weekend I came across a product with the image you see above.  Did I need Umberto Gianni's Backcomb in a Bottle? No.  Did I want it? You know it!

More marketing
Luckily the company puts out travel sizes of their products which is ideal for impulse buyers like myself.  Well, it looks like I will be buying the normal-size version in the future too, this stuff is great!  Take a few strands of hair that need some pouf action and spritz them and  style your glorious locks into the coiffure of your choice.  It does have hairspray-like elements in it so it will harden hair.  For extra 18th century action you can pair it with Bumble and Bumble white hair powder (one of my essential hair products) and you will really be indulging in your inner eighteenth-century fashionista/o. 

I found Backcomb in a Bottle at Boots, North American peeps will sadly have order them from overseas, because I haven't yet found any US suppliers- let me know if you do find it stateside though!


  1. Eeep! And I would have to keep the can forever and ever. Cool stuff!

  2. Exactly! I still have my Bumble and Bumble packaging sitting around collecting dust for that very reason.

  3. How very fortunate that my stepdaughter now resides in the UK... Buy stuff for me, little one!

  4. I use those Umberto Gianni product range JUST for that packaging! I have all of it! I am SUCH a sucker for packaging. :(

    Luckily it does actually do a good job plus the shampoo is pleasingly glittery so that's okay.

  5. I understand you, Heather. I am in love with this package too. It has to be mine.