Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Janie!

It's our best girlfriend, Jane's birthday today! 233 years ago today this spritely Sagittarius was born on 16 December 1775. Without this most beloved of English authors we wouldn't have Mr Darcy, Mr Darcy, or Mr Darcy. We owe a lot to her.

But on a serious note, my words come nowhere near adequately honouring so great a novelist so I will leave that to Vic and Laurel Ann and their awesome blog. So thank you Jane, for giving us chick lit which is both intelligent and ageless and also for giving us normal girls hope that despite all our humanly mistakes we can still have a happy ending and learn more about ourselves in the process. Oh yeah, and thanks for providing us with the ideal man we could only ever wish to seduce in our lifetime: Mr Collins.


  1. "...and thanks for providing us with the ideal man we could only ever wish to seduce in our lifetime: Mr Collins."

  2. i am proud that i was born in the same month as jane..my birthday is tomorrow :) happy birthdyy janeee

  3. Mr Collins, lol! Thanks for the reminder Heather. I'll have to have a DVD celebration tonight. So many choices....

    I also have to put a vote in for Mr. Tilney. He's no Colin Firth, er, Mr Darcy, but I've always had a soft spot for him.

    I'll trot over and see what Vic's doing today. Should be good! Happy birthday Jane!!!!

  4. Mr. Collins- lol! =)

    Happy Birthday, Miss Jane!

  5. Ha ha, Mr. Collins. Now there's a real man.

    We shouldn't forget Colonel Brandon! He's my favorite after Mr. Darcy. And immortalized on the screen by Alan Rickman, you can't go wrong there.

    Happy Birthday Jane Austen!!

  6. Ooo yes I'm quite the Mr Tilney fan as well...after Mr Collins of course!

  7. Ahh, Mr. Darcy...huummnn. Colin Firth grabbed me in both those movies.

    But ever loyal Colonel Brandon, I rooted for him. Alan Rickman was great in that movie. I feel the need to watch, again.

    Though, not to be poopy...I could not get into Emma. Movie or book.

    Sorry Miss Jane:)

  8. Dear Heather
    I love your blog. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
    Amanda Foreman

  9. Thank you so much! That really, truly means so much coming from you!

  10. Heather,

    Thanks for your lovely words - AGAIN. Let me share this wonderful little photo I found of Lizzy and Mr. Collins. Hah! Hope I can leave a link in your comment section: Vic


  11. Hahaha! To that, I can't help but leave this and this

  12. The P&P videos are a laugh riot! Collins: the movie. Lol! I'm always so busy laughing over Mr Collins that I forget to give due credit to David Bamber. I once saw him on some kind of gritty BBC Touching Evil type show and he so unlike Mr Collins. Kudos!

  13. He is also in one of both Lauren and my favorite shows, Rome

  14. I don't know from Rome, but now I have to check it out. I'm usually out of the tv loop and keep going back to Blackadder anyway. Thanks for the tip! I look forward to seeing him in something new.