Monday, January 12, 2009

Hat Exposition

I am about to embark on the daunting (yet enjoyable) task of presenting some of my favourite late eighteenth century hats in portraits. In an age where fashion was so incredibly important, hats could be the crowning achievement of the perfect outfit. In England hats were necessary in both form and function. While men's hats remained simple women's hats only became grander and more interesting. When it came time to be painted by your favourite artist much thought was put into headgear. Not only did you have to decide what specific coiffure to sport but if you would cover it with one of your fabulous new hats...and which fabulous new hat! So stay tuned as I struggle through the enterprise of categorizing my most favourite painted hats.


  1. So many many many wonderful hats in this era! A stroke of genius. Up there with Tart of the Week. There are a few hats I particularly like and wonder if I will see here...:)

  2. Oh good, I'm glad someone is excited, because I'm both excited and nervous I'll forget something. Plus there's so many styles to keep track of! In my dream world I'm sitting in hat class at Courtauld and Aileen Ribeiro is testing me on trimmings.

  3. Oh, what a fabulous idea!!
    I love the hats in this era...