Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chatsworth Exhibit Preview

Cassandra made it to the exhibition on Georgiana at Chatsworth and has been nice enough to share some of her pictures! She apologized for them being slightly blurry but as you can probably tell from my Chatsworth posts, mine are all blurry from my lack of flash as well. I'm actually notoriously anal-retentive when it comes to flash on artwork... But I digress, check out her photos out for a preview and become as jealous as me!


  1. wow!!!!
    im so jealous!!!!
    i really liked the baby carriage....and all the painting...and everything actually

  2. I know it's amazingly childish, but every time I see that staircase fountain, it makes me want to get a plastic snow sled and slide down...

    *Sigh* Such lovely photos! I'm jealous right along with you.