Friday, August 8, 2008


For all my Yankee Fangirls and boys, the US site for The Duchess is up! Rejoice! Soon we will know when it will be released! Not many features are up yet, but this is a good sign. Maybe that last trailer really is the US trailer...


  1. Dear Heather
    This isn't the final actual site. I have seen it and can tell you that it is really amazing. The costume page is particularly well done. Hopefully you will see it in a few days.
    Amanda Foreman, author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire

  2. Now that I know it has your approval I will be obsessively checking the site. Thank you for the information, that is really exciting!!

    And on a side-note, thank you for writing the best book in the world and being such an inspiration. I've been staring at your message, dumbfounded for about 30 minutes now.

  3. I would say the same - to both of you.

  4. Oh wow, Amanda Foreman? Heather, your blog has reached new heights of cool that I previously thought impossible.

    There'll be a costume page! <333333

    Also, thank you so much Amanda Foreman for writing one of the best biographies ever on an 18th century figure! Your book is simply amazing.