Saturday, August 2, 2008

For Sale: New Prints of Foreman's Book

Look what I just found...

I like my old versions of the book better, even if my paperback is falling apart. I also like reading Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire not The Duchess, but I'm a very particular person. The previous prints might be become more difficult to find now, as usually happens when the movie version comes out. However these seem to be cheap.

I guess this also means that the poster is official. For my blatant rant of hatred for the poster see this post, although you might want to spare yourself. I would suggest buying the much prettier versions of Amanda Foreman's book before it is too late!

US Version with the Reynolds Cover

UK Version with the Gainsborough Cover


  1. I'm such a stickler for covers. I originally had the US/Reynolds edition, but when I found the UK/Gainsborough one in a used book store I snapped it up immediately, and gave the other away to a friend. I also love the Georgiana's World hardcover featuring Maria Cosway's portrait of Her Grace descending from the heavens :p

    These new film tie-in versions don't interest me. The collector in me is vaguely tempted, but in the end I'm sure I'll pass, just as I did with the reissue of Marie Antoinette: The Journey with Kirsten Dunst on the cover (and that one was much prettier than either of these!).

  2. Oh my God!! I was thinking the same thing when I was writing this: Heather as much as you're complaining you will just buy one of these just to have it... I bought the hardcover in a used store when I moved back to the US and I still always pick up my loyal paperback.

    I love the Georgiana's World cover too. I wonder if they will re-release that as well...

  3. And yes, I also like the design of the reissue of Marie Antoinette it makes me sad that they haven't been that creative with this movie!
    (forgot to add that in there!)

  4. IMHO, the poster makes the book look so unappealing, and so very dark and grim.